Daihatsu Social Detomaso?!


Daihatsu’s Charade Detomaso is one of Scamp’s all-time favourite cars, so you can imagine our suprise upon stumbling across a Deto’d version of the 4-door Social!

WWw9ZThese two pics are the only i’ve been able to uncover and a (crude) online translator suggests they are concepts from a brochure for the 1995 Tokyo Motor Show, and likely never built.

The smaller picture shows several possible new models, including a retro-styled Mira; a Move with a rear seat which can extend out of the vehicle and be lowered for disabled passengers. The smaller picture also shows what appears to be another warmed-up Social, complete with european style gold mesh rims and labeled the GXXr – a reference to the GTti – the ultra-hot 3-cylinder, 12 valve turbo from the previous G102 model range.

The Social Detomaso has a number of different features not found on the Charade Detomaso: two tone paint; a questionable exhaust tip; different rims with the full Detomaso logo on the centre cap, as opposed to the 3-doors’ red etched logo. Trainspotters will also note an extra badge has been added behind the rear window.

The wrap-around spoiler is a nod to the one found on the hatch, but with an odd and chunky two piece design. We’re a big fan of quirky, factory optioned optioned aero, and it doesn’t get much better than this!

charade45_BThe Social also reminds me of another strange Detomaso pic I have. Based on the G100 model Charade, another crude translation suggests its a concept from the 1987 Tokyo Motor Show.

It features all the Detomaso exterior staples: decals, side mouldings, wheel arch trims, side skirts and a particularily attractive front air dam with set in fog lamps and repeaters.