Spoon EK9 Honda Civic 10,000rpm

This is one of my all time favourite car videos!

Although raising the rev limit on tuned track cars is not uncommon, in this build it seems to be more about altering the overall characteristics of the car than merely chasing more power. It’s fascinating to have the reasoning and purpose behind the modifications explained beyond the usual ‘we stuck this on cause it’s faster’.

A comparison with a standard civic, with both cars running stock gear ratios, allows us to see the true characteristics of the tuning more than a dyno readout or final lap time comparison ever could. It’s all topped of with a nice review by the drivers.

There’s a higher quality version (480p vs 240p) of the video available HERE, but I suggest you watch both as the one below has an engine overview with a Spoon Sports engineer. There are also slightly different sub-title translations given and while they are virtually identical, it just gives the whole story a little bit more colour.

What’s never cleared up is the actual rev-ceiling of this engine, with references made throughout to it actually being 11,000rpm. This is never reached; perhaps because it is a hypothetical limit which, while obtainable, sits beyond the actual usable power band (likely); or because this is a development car, as demonstrated by the ECU failure.

“The rod went through the block, knocking the wires off the back of the ECU”, my father would joke.

There’s a nice little writeup (from 1999 no less) featuring the oil pan/block brace (as they call it in the video below) in prototype stage, check it HERE.