Watch it, buddy!

Go back a few years and the idea of watching online videos of people playing video games would seem completely mad to anyone who’d ever experienced the agonizing wait for ‘their turn’ on a computer on console.

Indeed, modern technology throws up interesting cross-media links, and any gamer or ten year old will be able to tell you about the thriving cottage industry built up around viewing other people play video games.

Online news publications; amateur ‘how-to’ videos; and at the thick end of the curve:, an online portal for real-time streaming of over 100 games, with some attracting upwards of 100,000 viewers! Yup, watching others play games is now a very real part of actually playing yourself.

With this in mind I figured it high time to share with you, limited readers, a few of my favorite motor-racing game videos.

In the one below, Youtube user Yorkie065 talks us through a 20 minute race on next-gen car sim Assetto Corsa. With a calm style and considered actions it’s a masterclass not just in gaming, but real world driving – demonstrating impeccable race craft and strategy.